Korelichy Regional Museum of Local Lore

The museum was founded in 1969. The opening of the current exposition "Land and People" was on 4 June 1995. Its visitors can get agnainted with the monuments of district archaeology excavations, the ancient tools of production. The exposition includes the rural life and decorative applied art exhibits, the agricultural tools (the 19th - 20th centuries), works of Belarusion artists and graphists. Different materials which tell us about the research and creative activities of famous people of Korelichi: Ya. Chachot, I. Domeyko, and Ya. Bryl. The most interesting part is agricultural calendar traditions of Belarusians. Over 7,000 people visit the museum every year. There are 11,616 items in the museum funds. The museum personnel conduct the exhibitions of various themes from the fund collections and from the other museums. The museum organizes thematic tours and lectures, book presentations.